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Fallout 3 Install Made Easy

So recently R4P70R was asking me questions about Fallout 3 and I sorta talked myself into playing again and getting all the expansions. I remember I left the game due to the extreme bugginess and thought the install process was going to be very rough: I was right. This is a short walk-through on how to get the game installing smoothly and where to the the necessary files. This guide isn’t going to hold your hand through every step so put your safety helmet on and lower your shoulder, please.

The rundown is as follows:

That should get you a fresh and clean install with little to no headaches.


Fasterfox: Firefox 3 Workaround

I’ve used Fasterfox for many years now and when compatibility dropped for Firefox 3.0 I actually delayed the migration to the new version in order to keep using Fasterfox. Then one disasterous day, Firefox updated itself to the newest version and I adapted to a new way of life without Fasterfox.
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