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The World of Free MMO RPGs ;)

This past year I have been exploring the world of Free MMO rpg’s and have found quite a few that are really fun. These are the ones that I have personally checked out and got interested in. I stopped the list early because I am tired but will edit this post and try to add more later.

1. Mabinogi – This is the MMO that I am Currently addicted to, and has sort of a fantasy life feel to it, but also a great combat system. It is made by a game company called nexon wich offers a slew of free to play games. A free FPS called Combat Arms that I also still play and is extremely addictive and even a free Sing Star sort of game called Audition. Back to Mabinogi, this is a very unique MMO because you dont have set classes. There are currently 3 races Continue reading ‘The World of Free MMO RPGs ;)’

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