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MD5 Decryption

I’ve made it my mission recently to find a decryption algorithm for this so-called “one way hash” algorithm.

The goal of this project is to make rainbow tables obsolete by providing an extremely efficient way of decrypting MD5 hashes. One application I know of is to easily modify Facebook cookies to impersonate anybody on Facebook, or any other site for that matter. Many sites nowadays use MD5.

Because of the way the rounds work during the encryption loop, I’m pretty sure I would only be able to backtrack messages of less than 448 bits, or 56 ASCII characters. That is still a pretty hefty size, though, considering many applications simply hash a short string of numbers or a password, even though MD5 can also be used as a checksum for large files, or even a complete ISO.

You can see my progress on the forum: under the Encryption topic, or by clicking HERE.

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