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Suggested Jailbroken iPhone Applications

Basic installations for jailbroken fones. I am an avid Cydia supporter and I do not recognize Installer to be a competitor anymore. If you’re considering jailbreaking, without a moment of hesitation I suggest you do, then this list will guide you in the right direction in terms of what you will be able to do. If your fone is already jailbroken then I suggest you compare your list with mine. Here is a cheatsheet for quickly tracking down the appropriate tutorial for your jailbreaking efforts. I’m trying something a little different and the page may not display properly.

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Conficker Worm

April 26: Conficker has finally delivered some massive-scale payload, but unfortunately it was just boring spam.
Conficker delivers boring spam
This is obviously not very creative. But nonetheless, I believe Conficker’s reign is wrapping up . . . it is scheduled to stop most of its spreading and spamming May 3rd, though the path it laid would still be vulnerable for exploit later on.
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Theoretical Macaroni Digitization in Bites

Often when I’m on TeamSpeak with R4P70R I will announce that I’ma go afk to make some food. More often than not he will request that I email him some of this food.  I guess he’s just too lazy to make his own but due to the fact we’re about two hours apart from each other it’s just not happening. So one day I finally asked him how on earth I was to email him some and he said to convert it to binary and send him the code.

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Disable User Agent Switcher Reset On Close

This is an advanced guide for disabling a feature in the User Agent Switcher and assumes you have the skills and abilities to access particular settings without a tutorial.

The Firefox plugin User Agent Switcher is definitely a godsend in many aspects but there has always been one feature that irritates me. When you set Firefox’s default user agent through about:config, it spoofs the user agent to many websites but it does not spoof your operating system and often reports the truth. So one can use the User Agent Switcher to thoroughly cover that track, however it’s a per-use setting and everytime you close Firefox it resets the default parameters.

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Time travel is possible!

I was channel surfing late tonight and came cross the movie The Time Machine so I started browsing the net again. I have always be fascinated about time travel. I have read tidbits of Stephen Hakwings writings in A Brief History of Time. Anyways I came across another article that gave me more of a laymens terms explanation. The entry is called How to Build a Time Machine and explains that time travel further in to the future is entirely possible and happens every day! Though it is only a few nano-seconds and barely noticable, and it notes that time travel into the past is feasible but is based on the “Rotating Universe” Theory. Anyways it is a very intriguing article. Definately worth the read.


An entire NES inside a mario cartridge!!

So I was reviewing old stumble upon pages and came across one that I liked and thought I would share.  I read about it at Technabob (blog). They say that it is the work of a french modder named Kotomi (blog as well). He took all of the innards of the origional NES and somehow squeezed them into an origional Super Mario Brothers NES cartridge, includeing both controller ports, audio/video ports, and on/off  and reset switch. It is truely amazing. I would definately want one. 😀



Three Required Firefox Add-Ons

Three very simple add-ons that no Firefox user can afford to go without. From the experienced user to the more laxed user, you must check out this list. The moment I log on to a friend’s computer or a public machine I always install Firefox to a local folder and immediately install these plugins =)

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