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Windows 7 includes a virtual XP environment

Microsoft announced that Windows 7 will include a virtual environment for Windows XP for backward compatibility for applications . . . that’s awesome! This is the first time they’ve relied on virtualization (processor-level virtualization in this case) to solve compatibility issues, and I think it’s a good move and shows improvement in Microsoft’s thinking. The virual OS will have service pack 3 installed and comes with a full license, so you don’t even have to worry about acquiring a license for it.


iPhone Jailbreak Cheatsheet

This is not a tutorial on how to jailbreak your ifone but instead a quick little guide to finding the appropriate tutorials. There are 92385985 people out there all claiming certain tools and certain ways to do this. We will be using tutorials from iClarified and ModMyi.

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Conficker Worm

April 26: Conficker has finally delivered some massive-scale payload, but unfortunately it was just boring spam.
Conficker delivers boring spam
This is obviously not very creative. But nonetheless, I believe Conficker’s reign is wrapping up . . . it is scheduled to stop most of its spreading and spamming May 3rd, though the path it laid would still be vulnerable for exploit later on.
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Custom Tunes on Jailbroken iPhone

This seems to be a somewhat difficult bit of information to find so here’s a quick tutorial about how to install and mange custom ringtones for your jailbroken ifone.
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Simple Run Shortcuts

For this tutorial we will be setting up a shortcut in the system root directory to launch an application from a particular phrase via the Run interface. The main reason I use Run shortcuts is that they don’t take up any visible space on your desktop or Start Menu. So how can you call a shortcut if there is no icon? The answer is easy enough.
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