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Safe Mode Boot to Windows in a Dual-Boot Environment

I was trying find this earlier, but the top 10 Google results [I don’t look very far] didn’t have what I needed, so I figured it out and decided to post my solution!

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Time travel is possible!

I was channel surfing late tonight and came cross the movie The Time Machine so I started browsing the net again. I have always be fascinated about time travel. I have read tidbits of Stephen Hakwings writings in A Brief History of Time. Anyways I came across another article that gave me more of a laymens terms explanation. The entry is called How to Build a Time Machine and explains that time travel further in to the future is entirely possible and happens every day! Though it is only a few nano-seconds and barely noticable, and it notes that time travel into the past is feasible but is based on the “Rotating Universe” Theory. Anyways it is a very intriguing article. Definately worth the read.


An entire NES inside a mario cartridge!!

So I was reviewing old stumble upon pages and came across one that I liked and thought I would share.  I read about it at Technabob (blog). They say that it is the work of a french modder named Kotomi (blog as well). He took all of the innards of the origional NES and somehow squeezed them into an origional Super Mario Brothers NES cartridge, includeing both controller ports, audio/video ports, and on/off  and reset switch. It is truely amazing. I would definately want one. 😀



Seasteading- Cool? or Crazy?

I read an article in Wired magazine recently about Seasteading. Where people want to go out and make a floating island and call it their own country, and establinsh an independant government. Many liberals are into it. I don’t think the U.S. would allow such a thing though. I mean don’t we own all the waters and international water lines already. Like places where boats from other countries cannot go unless they are allied and such. I dunno, just though it was interesting. Read more about it here and here

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