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Guild Wars Armor Rating Calculation

I was playing Guild Wars last night with my guild and the concern of armor rating came up and I figured it’d be a good excuse to write a quick application on my TI 84. Now the purpose of this post is not TI Basic programming but instead an instance of a useless application on a graphing calculator. I will be explaining the basic mechanics of how the application works but a more introductory level of programming must be sought elsewhere.
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Theoretical Macaroni Digitization in Bites

Often when I’m on TeamSpeak with R4P70R I will announce that I’ma go afk to make some food. More often than not he will request that I email him some of this food.  I guess he’s just too lazy to make his own but due to the fact we’re about two hours apart from each other it’s just not happening. So one day I finally asked him how on earth I was to email him some and he said to convert it to binary and send him the code.

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world’s smallest “Hello, World” program

This is fun for a rainy day. I tried it out and it worked, giving me a smile and a better understanding of assembly commands.

How to write the world’s smallest “Hello, World” program

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