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Google Search Humiliation

Let Me Google That For You saves you the trouble of finding the solutions to other users’ problems and teaches them a valuable lesson.

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Disable User Agent Switcher Reset On Close

This is an advanced guide for disabling a feature in the User Agent Switcher and assumes you have the skills and abilities to access particular settings without a tutorial.

The Firefox plugin User Agent Switcher is definitely a godsend in many aspects but there has always been one feature that irritates me. When you set Firefox’s default user agent through about:config, it spoofs the user agent to many websites but it does not spoof your operating system and often reports the truth. So one can use the User Agent Switcher to thoroughly cover that track, however it’s a per-use setting and everytime you close Firefox it resets the default parameters.

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Three Required Firefox Add-Ons

Three very simple add-ons that no Firefox user can afford to go without. From the experienced user to the more laxed user, you must check out this list. The moment I log on to a friend’s computer or a public machine I always install Firefox to a local folder and immediately install these plugins =)

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Fasterfox: Firefox 3 Workaround

I’ve used Fasterfox for many years now and when compatibility dropped for Firefox 3.0 I actually delayed the migration to the new version in order to keep using Fasterfox. Then one disasterous day, Firefox updated itself to the newest version and I adapted to a new way of life without Fasterfox.
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