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Fallout 3 Install Made Easy

So recently R4P70R was asking me questions about Fallout 3 and I sorta talked myself into playing again and getting all the expansions. I remember I left the game due to the extreme bugginess and thought the install process was going to be very rough: I was right. This is a short walk-through on how to get the game installing smoothly and where to the the necessary files. This guide isn’t going to hold your hand through every step so put your safety helmet on and lower your shoulder, please.

The rundown is as follows:

That should get you a fresh and clean install with little to no headaches.


28 Random Blogging Topics and Ideas

Recently I was driving two hours on this particular route that I find awfully boring and drab. So to increase happiness I wrote, sharpie in one hand and steering wheel in the other, this list of random and crazy blogging topics that I want to get around to but I think if others will read this it could definitely help production rates. I will submit the entries exactly as I wrote them down to preserve the craziness.
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Guild Wars Armor Rating Calculation

I was playing Guild Wars last night with my guild and the concern of armor rating came up and I figured it’d be a good excuse to write a quick application on my TI 84. Now the purpose of this post is not TI Basic programming but instead an instance of a useless application on a graphing calculator. I will be explaining the basic mechanics of how the application works but a more introductory level of programming must be sought elsewhere.
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Google Search Humiliation

Let Me Google That For You saves you the trouble of finding the solutions to other users’ problems and teaches them a valuable lesson.

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iPhone Jailbreak Cheatsheet

This is not a tutorial on how to jailbreak your ifone but instead a quick little guide to finding the appropriate tutorials. There are 92385985 people out there all claiming certain tools and certain ways to do this. We will be using tutorials from iClarified and ModMyi.

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Suggested Jailbroken iPhone Applications

Basic installations for jailbroken fones. I am an avid Cydia supporter and I do not recognize Installer to be a competitor anymore. If you’re considering jailbreaking, without a moment of hesitation I suggest you do, then this list will guide you in the right direction in terms of what you will be able to do. If your fone is already jailbroken then I suggest you compare your list with mine. Here is a cheatsheet for quickly tracking down the appropriate tutorial for your jailbreaking efforts. I’m trying something a little different and the page may not display properly.

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Theoretical Macaroni Digitization in Bites

Often when I’m on TeamSpeak with R4P70R I will announce that I’ma go afk to make some food. More often than not he will request that I email him some of this food.  I guess he’s just too lazy to make his own but due to the fact we’re about two hours apart from each other it’s just not happening. So one day I finally asked him how on earth I was to email him some and he said to convert it to binary and send him the code.

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