The Awesome Code is like an internet club sort of thing. We’re made up of three Computer Information Systems majors that met in the dorms at the same university. We all roomed with each other at one time or another and we know each other pretty well.

We all have our own expertise and focus areas and together we are definitely worth our combined weight in oak sap. The team is made up of J4P4NM4N, r4p70r and almostxalways. J4P4NM4N, while not actually Japanese, is our overachiever. He’s the ‘go to bed early’ kind of guy that will always do his homework and be at class on time. r4p70r is our ‘no, I’ll do my research paper the day before’-man and definitely has the creativity and personality to pull it off. As for almostxalways, well he’s the instigator and supervisor. The type of person that gets something started then slips into the background and keeps the motion going.

The Awesome Code blog is less of a serious blogging experience and more of a random content portal. From advanced Linux tutorials to seafaring adventures of Captain K’nuckles all the way to measuring your worth in oak sap; The Awesome Code is your cheat code to life!

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