Safe Mode Boot to Windows in a Dual-Boot Environment

I was trying find this earlier, but the top 10 Google results [I don’t look very far] didn’t have what I needed, so I figured it out and decided to post my solution!

Using the Grub loader to dual-boot Ubuntu and Vista, I needed a way to get into Safe Mode. Trust me, F8 doesn’t work no matter which part of the boot you’re on [most forums say that after you select Vista that you can, but none were successfully, and all my tries were unsuccessful as well]. What you need to do is boot into Vista and get into MSConfig [Start–>”msconfig“]. On the “Boot” tab, you will see this screen:

As you can see, simply check the “Safe Boot” option as shown. The next time you boot into Vista, you’ll be in Safe Mode. Then before you shutdown/reboot, you’ll need to retrace your steps, but the easier way this time to stay in Normal Mode is by selecting “Normal Startup” from the “General” tab on the MSConfig screen.

P.S. This works on XP as well


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