Guild Wars Armor Rating Calculation

I was playing Guild Wars last night with my guild and the concern of armor rating came up and I figured it’d be a good excuse to write a quick application on my TI 84. Now the purpose of this post is not TI Basic programming but instead an instance of a useless application on a graphing calculator. I will be explaining the basic mechanics of how the application works but a more introductory level of programming must be sought elsewhere.

Although no prior programming skills are required, I’ll expect you at least know how to understand directions
TI graphing calculator (not all will work, I will be using a TI-84 Plus Silver)
About eighty (~80) bytes of free space

Right, so we first hit the PRGM button in the central column of our calculator (also don’t expect fotos of button locations just search around). We’ll move RIGHT twice and select Create New. This is where you name your application, I will choose the name DAMAGE. To do this we must Alpha Lock: select 2ND then ALPHA. The name is not quoted, there is no room for quotes and space is limited. Upon entering your name select ENTER. Now this is where people lose their minds. WTF IT’S BLANK WTFF. Alright we have to code this remember? Select PRGM, three pages of lists come up (RIGHT and LEFT will select the page at the top).

Our program will be very light-weight and straightforward; we will enter data into two variables, perform a calculation and store the answer into a variable then print the variable. Starting with initial damage, then armor rating on foe, performing the equation then lastly printing the final damage. So from the list of options we move to I/O via the RIGHT key and select Input. We label the function in quotations, enter a COMMA, then label the variable. So the complete line should look like:
:Input “DAMAGE”, I
Variables may only be one character and I’m using I to stand for INITIAL.
The second line will be very similar to the first line, it should look like this:
:Input “ARMOR”, A
Alright we have our data in I and A, so now we should perform the calculation to arrive at D, final damage.
(I)(.5)^((A-60)/40) > D
STO> is the STORE key located at the bottom left of your calculator. This stores the prior calculations into D. The formula is taken from the official Guild Wars Wiki Armor Rating page.
Lastly we print out our final damage result, press PRGM, I/O, Disp. So the line should look like:
Disp D

As a wrap-up here is the complete code:
Input “Damage”, I
Input “ARMOR”, A
(I)(.5)^((A-60)/40)) > D
Disp D


2 Responses to “Guild Wars Armor Rating Calculation”

  1. 27 April, 2009 at 22:05

    If you’re playing Guild Wars and want to figure this out, how is referring to a calculator better than a simple application on your computer? Even a batch file could calculate that with ease . . . I guess if your point was to illustrate TI Programming then this tut is pretty cool, though. ^_^

    I remember all the programs on my TI-86 in high school that I made myself . . . Pythagorean Theorom, summing 2 or 3 vectors for Physics . . . I was lucky to have a teacher that admired the programming skill enough to permit me to use these programs during exams.

    NOTE: All I ever programmed on my TI-89 Titanium was a man running across the screen. TI-84/86 FTW!

  2. 28 April, 2009 at 02:12

    I keep my calculator at arm’s reach when at the computer. Win+R\calc is too much of a hassle and even then, there’s no variables or repeating an equation, no graphs or programs, no parentheses or anything even remotely useful that I could do at a moment’s notice on my calculator. Different strokes for different folks, yo.

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