iPhone Jailbreak Cheatsheet

This is not a tutorial on how to jailbreak your ifone but instead a quick little guide to finding the appropriate tutorials. There are 92385985 people out there all claiming certain tools and certain ways to do this. We will be using tutorials from iClarified and ModMyi.

Q: Would you like to advance your ifone vocabulary and jumpstart your comprehension levels for this jailbreaking extravaganze?
A: zomg Yeis, wau diz meks it awl sau mutch ez. kthx iSeminar

Okay so we determine your operating system, system model and goal
Windows, 3G, jailbreak < Coming soon, I’ll write this from scratch
Windows, 3G, unlock
Windows, 2G, unlock/jailbreak
Macintosh, 3G, jailbreak
Macintosh, 3G, unlock

I hope this helps but I can understand if it’s all too much or to overwhelming. I started my jailbreak adventure during 1.1.3 and there were much fewer choices. Leave questions in the commens and I’ll get back to you.

I do not endorse jailbreaking or any unlawful act to breach the terms of contract and agreements set forth by Apple and its regarding carriers. This is for educational purposes and I am not to be held responsible for data loss or terms of service cancellations.


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