Suggested Jailbroken iPhone Applications

Basic installations for jailbroken fones. I am an avid Cydia supporter and I do not recognize Installer to be a competitor anymore. If you’re considering jailbreaking, without a moment of hesitation I suggest you do, then this list will guide you in the right direction in terms of what you will be able to do. If your fone is already jailbroken then I suggest you compare your list with mine. Here is a cheatsheet for quickly tracking down the appropriate tutorial for your jailbreaking efforts. I’m trying something a little different and the page may not display properly.

The code is hella ugly and I’m half ashamed but I’m working on something extra fun so bare with me and why are you reading my code anyways?

Almost’s Suggested
Cydia APT of choice
OpenSSH Secure shell file tunneling
Winterboard Themes and themes galore
SBSettings Quick access tools
Processes Manage running applications
NoRotation Override portrait/landscape settings
Insomnia Override background network termination
Backgrounder Override background application in memory

Almost’s Optional
BossPrefs The predecessor of SBSettings
Safari DL Plugin Download files directly from Safari
Flashlight A flashlight with extraordinary power
FiveIconDock A treat for the eyes, five icon dock
MXTube Direct replacement for YouTube application
Cycorder Real-time video compression recorder


Cydia should have been installed when you jailbroke your fone but even if it’s not it should be available via Installer. Cydia is my APT of choice and product of Jay Freeman (Saurik)
Open Secure Shell is a tunneling system used to traffic data between machines, OpenSSH is a free version of this system used on various operating systems, including the Mac OS Unix on your dear ifone.
Winterboard is Saurik’s gift of themes to the masses. It allows you to modify icons, backgrounds, keyboards; everything regarding the look of your ifone.
SBSettings is a godsend tool for quickly accessing toggles and applications. It comes standard with 3G, Edge, Phone, Wifi, Bluetooth, and Brightness toggles and you can create/download more.
Processes is an add-on toggle for SBSettings that allows you to close running processes in the background. Wonderful for overriding Backgrounder.
NoRotation is a slightly underpowered tool used via SBSettings that prevents the landscape feature from triggering in some applications. When I’m laying in bed I want to view Safari in portrait mode and as my hand tilts the screen goes to landscape. This tool prevents landscape from taking over. Word of warning, in default state it will close the application when turned off and it cannot be configured to prevent landscape for all applications.
Insomnia prevents background network applications from ending. That is to say it does not prevent the whole application from ending but only the network stream. Great in conjunction with the Safari DL Plugin.
Backgrounder does what Insomnia does not, it prevents whole applications from ending when focus leaves. A tool of the gods when used with Pandora to run in the background. You may use the Home button to end the application running or the Processes add-on via SBSettings.


SBSettings was to be a replacement for BossPrefs but due to loyalty I cannot bare to see it go. So it deserves my recomendation and currently it is my only method of disabling/enabling Safari DL Plugin.
Safari DL Plugin
Safari Download Plugin is used with Safari to literally download the contents at the end of a link, be it an image, video, PDF. It has limitations but it often helps me get my weekly Bleach fix when I’m away from the house. I can simply download the file and upload it to my computer when I’m home.
Made my BigBoss, it can temporarily override your brightness setting to put the power in your hand.
Saurik’s tweak to allow five icons in your dock instead of the default four.
Though a slightly worn-out player, MXTube easily runs the default YouTube application out of town. It boasts features like stream high/low quality and download high/low quality as well as FLV convert. It searches the YouTube library and is a direct replacement for the default application.
Saurik’s real-time video recorder. Using MJPEG at 384×288 it easily outperforms iPhone Video Recorder, and best of all it’s free.


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