Custom Tunes on Jailbroken iPhone

This seems to be a somewhat difficult bit of information to find so here’s a quick tutorial about how to install and mange custom ringtones for your jailbroken ifone.

Already jailbroken ifone
SFTP application

You fone needs to be already jailbroken for this and you will need OpenSSH installed via Cydia Installer. To access OpenSSH on your fone you’ll need a client for your machine. On Windows WinSCP is a great free application and for Mac the default Fetch will do the job.

Moar Info

With SSH on your fone and toggled on we need to first tether your fone to your machine with your USB cable. Next make sure your fone is on the same wifi network as your machine and find your local IP address. Settings\Wi-Fi\ and select the blue > next to your current network. IP Address is what we’re looking for here, my current local IP is, but yours could be slightly different.

Right so open up your preferred SFTP agent and we need to enter our IP target. Mine will be and yours will be what we decided before. SFTP protocol is fine and port 22 is default. The username and password is the next step.

For your ifone, nearly regardless of what version, your username is “root” and your password is “alpine”. (I say ‘nearly regardless’ because there have been in the past a different password scheme but due to the current date of writing this and the more recent firmwares the past password is rather trivial.) What strange naming convention right? I would slightly agree with that statement if the hash wasn’t broken within a couple days of the fone’s release.

Right so apart from my side rant I assume my instructions were clear enough for you to be logged into your fone’s filesystem, yes? Right so there’s like eight million folders and I’m very confused wtf. So you’ve made it into the coveted holy ground of the forbidden root directory, grats!

Select and open the “root” directory to ensure all folders are available. Next we want  private\var\stash\Ringtones. There may also be a shortcut through Library\Ringtones but that depends really. Okay so if you’ve made it to the right place you’ll see your familiar/default ringtones with the  m4r  extension.

“For real? m4r but I’ve never seen that before?” don’t worry. You can back up that folder if you’d like and delete the ringtones you don’t care about. I’m missing multiple default ringtones just because they suck, but that’s not necessary. Okay just go to your media player and choose your song to make into a ringtone.

I’ll be using iTunes and “About a Girl” by The Academy Is… Now I don’t want a three and a half minute song so I’m going to cut it shorter. I right-click the song and select Get Info and move to the Options tab. I want it to start at 0:13.45  and end at 0:44.4 (Ringtones are best at 30 seconds long. If it’s longer you may be wasting space since the fone won’t ring past about 40 seconds and if it’s really short it will just loop.)

In iTunes 8 I select Edit\Options and then Import Settings. For converting the m4r ringtone extension we want the AAC Encoder and select OK and OK again to return to the library. Right-click the song and hit Create AAC Version and promptly rename the file that easily donates a ringtone. “About A Girl Ringtone” works just fine.

The final step is transfer the ringtone to the fone. So in iTunes I’ll just click and drag the file straight into WinSCP. The conversion method we used made the audio file into a m4a but your ifone won’t recognize the m4a as a ringtone. So I’ll just simply rename the file from “About A Girl.m4a” to “About A Girl.m4r” and I’ll restart the Settings application. Unlike an official ringtone, manual ringtones appear in the bottom of the list as if it was a default.

I apologize for the length of this tutorial and the fact I really wasn’t clear about in anything. I’ll defo clean it all up later on and I need to start doing video tutorials as the length and technicalities of my written format is usually too detailed and unhelpful.


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